Yamaha scooters in India

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    Yamaha India recently announced that they plan to double their motorcycle sales to around 500,000 units in 2011. The MD and CEO of the company, Hiroyuki Suzuki, was quoted as saying that they plan to sell around 5 lakh motorcycles this year. They have a target of selling around 3.5 lakh in India, and exporting the remaining 1.5 lakh bikes. Last year, the company sold around 2.5 lakh bikes.

    "We have a numbers of scooters in other markets like the US and Europe, and currently, we are studying the Indian market. We will launch entry level scooters here soon," Yamaha Motor India Director and Chief Sales Officer Jun Nakata said. Another company official said the launch was expected by 2012. Yamaha would make the scooters at its existing facilities at Surajpur and Faridabad.

    The company has lined up investment of $10 million by 2012 for increasing its scooter capacity by one million, India Yamaha CEO & MD Hiroyuki Suzuki said. With the surge in capacity, the firm's two-wheeler capacity is likely to reach six-lakhs units per annum from the current status of five-lakhs units.

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    they are pretty nice ithe chalde aa par inha de engine 350-500 cc hunde aa petrol kine puana india ch
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    wow!Nice scooter.
    Yamaha motorcycle has always broken new ground new ground with their models in the past– remember the YZ400 which championed the development of mainstream 4 stroke motocross bikes? So it won’t be too unrealistic to expect something groundbreaking with this mystery launch from Yamaha.
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    great design...it would be nice on the Indian roads. seems to be a heavy and powerful scooter.

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