Yamaha acquires 33.4 per cent stake in KYB

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    Yamaha Motor Co has acquired 33.4 per cent stake in noted suspension maker KYB, a move which involves shifting majority of the latter’s operations to India. This will not only lower the cost of production for suspension parts for Yamaha bikes but will also help the manufacturer price its products much more competitively. Not to mention effective R&D. Yamaha earlier had a majority stake in Ohlins but in 2007, sold 95 per cent of it back.KYB’s suspension manufacturing facility will be located in Vendor Park in Chennai, which is close to the proposed Yamaha plant. Yamaha is said to be a strategic investment partner in this venture and will be looking to improve its product competitiveness with as much localisation as possible.
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    Yamaha Motor doesn’t need an introduction.It is most popular and trusted motorcycle industry in India.The reason behind its massive success is due to its pricing, reliability and affordable nature.

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