Turbo Charging a Diesel

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    What are the thing you need to look at when you turbo charge a Diesel car?

    This is the question we need to ask ourselves.

    Turbo charging a diesel engine is quiet old process and now some of the cars have the turbo chargers on factory settings already.

    If your thinking of turbo charging your diesel car , thing you want to look at are:

    1. Getting the right turbo charger

    2. Changing the exhaust system

    3. Proper Tuning by the professionals

    This happens quiet a lot , you may hear people saying '" My car goes like a rocket " after turbo charging it.
    Well if you have a turbo charger on your diesel engine and your saying like the guy above , your going to blow up your engine at 90-100K.

    Thats why the third point illustrates PROPER Tuning.

    Professional tuners have to make sure the power in the engine is balanced

    You can either get power/torque or speed depending on your need but if you go for better tuning for torque your car's engine may last longer rather than going for speed and regretting it one day.

    You can also get after market chips to mod the performance of the engines that work well too.

    anything you want to add please feel free to :)

    I saw all this in one of the Australian car program , professional teams doing researches and off roading.
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    diesel are very suitable for turbo charging...as good quality fuel is not a pre requisite, improper care taken while undertaking such a project can result in catastrophe....forget 90-100k, you won't see 100kms on an improperly setup engine, besides as you said, everything should and needs to be balanced..too much torque can shred the clutch, too little fuel can also result in engine meltdown, its not rocket science...but it is really close..!
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    yeah true

    I will post one video on it

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