Turbo Blanket

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    Turbo Blanket


    Blankets are a great innovation to the turbo scene! They are made up of heat resistant polyurethane/silicon coated fibreglass cloth, with an inner of 25mm Heat Absorbing Ceramic material, and a stainless wire mesh to retain the "wool".

    The Ceramic Wool is space age technology material with tolerences in excess of 1000 degrees C before mechanical breakdown of the material.

    The Blanket is designed to retain the heat in the turbo, reducing the loss of energy/heat from the turbo. This intern gives the turbo earlier spooling and greater horsepower potential. Back to Back Dyno Testing verifies a performance increase from fitting the blanket. Not to mention the cosmetic benifits of reduced temperatures within the engine bay! No more burn't paintwork and cooked wiring looms etc.
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    good stuff bud :D
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    thats good to know. i need one of these. luckily i have a bottom mount turbo!!

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