Truck driver wins Lamborghini, crashes it hours later

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    Thanks to a Utah convenience store's contest, Frito-Lay truck driver David Dopp won another set of wheels last Saturday: this lime-green, 631-hp Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640, worth at least $200,000. Such an awesome car that will...oops, he already wrecked it.

    Just a few hours after getting the keys to the V-12 powered Italian supercar named for a famed Spanish fighting bull, Dopp took to the roads around his home in Santaquin, Utah. According to In Santaquin News, police were called about dusk after a witness spotted the all-wheel-drive Lambo bass-ackwards in a field, with skidmarks from where it left the road.

    Dopp -- who had apparently already taken one call from the local police about takin' it easy before going off-road -- says he was going about 40 mph to 50 mph on a 35-mph road when he hit a patch of what he called black ice or gravel. The police report says the car went over a curb, off the road and 75 feet into the field, calling the accident "speed related."

    The Murcielago is now bound for Las Vegas, where mechanics will calculate a repair estimate on the busted oil pan and damaged bumper. Dopp, who has insurance, says the day was "an emotional roller coaster." If you mess with a bull, don't be surprised when you get the horns.
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    don't we all wish we were so lucky :D
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    Now he will transport goods by Lamborghini.
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    Truck drivers must have proper insurance to drive heavy trucks on the highways. When they work for a trucking company the company takes care of the insurance requirements.

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