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    Hello everyone,

    We have several section in the forum which can sound confusing for the variety of viewers.

    Just a brief discussion on where you should make a thread. Any thread which is made in wrong section will result in moving/deleting depending on the circumstances.

    Please use the following to determine where your topic/thread should go to

    1. Posting a Random car picture from Internet is not a NEWS unless you have something exciting to share about that.Please post these in the Pictures and Photography section.

    2.Post your personally taken photographs as per below:
    Personal Party photos/member photos - Off Topic section
    Car photoshoot - Pictures and Photography

    3. I would encourage you not to post any sensitive information on the forums,if you have disturbing image or thread please do not post it.

    4. If you have a problem with your automobile you can post that in Troubleshooting section and we can discuss from there.

    5. You have a car and your working on it, We'll encourage you to make a thread in Projects and Builds so that you can see from there how are you getting on with your car.

    If there is anything else you want to know please yell out
    thanks heaps

    Cartalk Staff

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