The new concept evoking the Evoque

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    Stop rubbing your eyes. This isn’t a facelifted Range Rover Evoque, but a new crossover concept from South Korean carmaker SsangYong. But you can see where it took its inspiration from…
    However, this wacky little number that has the potential to turn SsangYong’s waning fortunes around. From the wraparound windscreen which merges into the side windows, to the sporty coupe lines and the panoramic glass roof, the SsangYong XIV-1 is a funky package that could give sleepless nights to the likes of Nissan’s Juke, if it makes to production.

    The B-pillar has been done away with, so the coach doors front and rear open up an uninterrupted view of the inside, which is fittingly futuristic as well, with blue LED lighting, and a large touchscreen panel in the middle of the dashboard, although we’re sure all this will be toned down in the production version.

    The concept, which is 4,140mm long, 1,830mm wide and 1,590mm high has a wheelbase of 2,600mm and is expected to be powered by 1.6-litre petrol and diesel engines and available in front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions.
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    isn tht kia?
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