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Discussion in 'What Car Should I Buy?' started by aa3, May 24, 2014.

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    Still confused about the car / bike purchase? Do not worry anymore. You have hopped in the right place. Our strong forum member base with an experience of varied car ownership would assist to point towards the right vehicle. For that, do also make sure to tell us the right details too. Here’s a list of a few questions that you must answer before submitting a question in this section. Failure to follow it could result in the thread being left unanswered or removed on the spot by the moderators.

    > Your Budget: (Eg: Rs.7 – 8 Lakh)

    > New or Used: (Eg: New Car)

    > Your Location: (Eg: New Delhi, India)

    > Top Five Priorities: (Eg: Safety, Comfort, Low Maintenance, Design, Luggage Space)

    > Monthly Running: (Eg: Between 1,000 – 1,500 Kms)

    > Type of Fuel: (Eg: Diesel)

    > For What Purpose: (Eg: Regular Use, Off-Roading)

    > Seating Capacity: (Eg: Maximum 5 Adults)

    > Type of Segment: (Eg: Sedan or MUV)

    We also advice reading the various reviews about the vehicle before purchase for a fully transparent and detailed information about it from the owners themselves.

    Wish you good luck!

    Drive Safe,
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