Tata Sumo Gold Price and Variants

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    Sumo Gold TCIC variants

    • Sumo Gold TCIC CX – Rs. 5.23 lakhs
    • Sumo Gold TCIC LX – Rs. 5.6 lakhs
    • Sumo Gold TCIC EX – Rs. 5.96 lakhs
    • Sumo Gold TCIC GX – Rs. 6.6 lakhs
    Sumo Gold CRDI variants

    • Sumo Gold CR4 CX – Rs. 5.49 lakhs
    • Sumo Gold CR4 LX – Rs. 5.84 lakhs
    • Sumo Gold CR4 EX – Rs. 6.1 lakhs
    • Sumo Gold CR4 GX – Rs. 6.74 lakhs
    The 3.0-liter, CR4 diesel engine is BS4 compliant and produces a power output of 85 PS at 3,000 RPM and torque of 250 Nm between 1000-2000 RPM. Tata Motors claim a fuel efficiency of 14.07 kmpl (ARAI certified)

    The less advanced TCIC engine is also a 3.0-liter engine but is only BSIII compliant. It produces 70 BHP of power and 223 Nm of torque.

    Tata Motors claim that they have incorporated most of the feedback that they received from Sumo owners to make the Gold a lucrative proposition. Changes include:

    • New soft and responsive accelerator paddle
    • Smoother gearshift
    • Reduced NVH
    • Enhanced seat comfrt

    The Sumo GOLD comes with 3 years / 1,00,000 kms warranty.

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    this car is still used as commericial transport vehicle isn't it?

    guess how I can tell?
    from the looks
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    :p, its the indian van, hehe the only problem is that they went for feedback to the customers who already had it, they should've gone to other people and ask them what they thought of the products, this design hasn't changed in 15 years, and I doubt it ever will
  4. Codename.47

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    yeah of course cuz thye wil have to spend more money for new makeover
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    Tata Motors has launched an enriched model of Sumo Grande with two types of engine; company patented DICOR and Turbo after giving it more sporty, stylish and attractive look along with classy interiors and exteriors named Tata Sumo Grande MKII turbo and Grande Dicor. Tata Sumo Grande is adorned with a complete new range of interiors like it accomodates a huge head, leg and shoulder space that makes it roomy and enormous. Tata Sumo price as per it offers mileage that is around 10 kmpl on average city roads while on freeways it reaches upto 13 kmpl.
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