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    Dear Forum-Members,

    due to a diploma-thesis I am currently writing here in India (Poona) for an automotive-company, I would like to ask you to participate in a survey I created.

    I am student of Technical University Braunschweig, Germany and writing on customer needs and wishes within the indian automotive market. The survey will therefore help to develop / adopt cars specifically for the indian market and is completely anonymous.

    In addition to that I am doing a lottery where everybody who wishes to participate has the chance to win some Apple Stuff (1 x iPod Touch, 1 x iPod nano, 1 x iPod shuffle). Also you get an overview at the end of your, maybe unconscious preferences when buying a car (see screenshot).

    So, please let your opinions, especially as automotive enthusiasts and experts be a part of the future development of indian mobility and simultaneously help developing cars that better fit your requirements and the requirements of the indian automotive market in general!

    The survey can be found under:

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