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    Flat. Smooth. Smart.

    Drawn from a century of intelligent performance, the horizontal layout of the SUBARU BOXER® engine combines balance with power and efficiency. And every Subaru comes with a SUBARU BOXER® engine.

    Watch SUBARU BOXER® Engine video

    Diesel Engine:
    YouTube - ‪Subaru Boxer Turbo Diesel Engine‬‏

    Petrol Engine - 3rd Generation

    YouTube - ‪FB engine -The 3rd Generation SUBARU BOXER‬‏

    Like the jabs of a boxer, where the engine got its name, the SUBARU BOXER® layout allows the engine to be positioned in-line with the drivetrain for maximum transfer of power. Many other engines are transverse, or turned perpendicular, and can require additional drivetrain components to transfer power, reducing vehicle efficiency.

    The punch-counterpunch movements of the boxer's pistons cancel out each other for a smoother running engine without having to use additional components to counteract them as in many in-line and V-type engines.

    With pistons moving horizontally, the SUBARU BOXER® engine has a flat, low profile, almost perfectly symmetrical, for a well-balanced vehicle. Its low profile can provide a lower center of gravity than other designs, helping provide quick handling response and flat, confident cornering.


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    even bmw insist on using this arrangement as far as their bike engines are concerned..! barring the new gen inline four cylinder arrangment..!
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    Did you read the news about bmw.. they are gona get rid of a V6 engines and gettin 4 cylinder turbo charged engines

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