Special screening of bollywood movie for Ferrari

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    Ferrari cars are known for their luxury, speed, quality, class and performance. the Italian car maker wants to make sure that their brand's uber cool image doesn't get tarnished in any way.

    And when the folks at Ferrari, heard about the soon-to-be-releasing Bollywood movie titles, ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’ they didn't waste a minute and got in touch with the film's production, in this case belonging to Vidhu Chopra and requested for a special screening of the movie before it hits the silver screen on 15 June.

    Apparently, the Prancing Horse wants to make sure that its precious brand is depicted in the right way. The company also stated that if the Ferrari brand is represented in bad light or in an unethical manner, they wouldn’t hesitate to take appropriate action against the production house.

    Ferrari wants to watch upcoming movie 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari' before anyone else does

    On this note the Director, Rajesh Mapuskar, commented that, Ferrari Ki Sawaari promises to be an outright entertainer. And we pray that that this Bollywood outright entertainer goes down well with the folks at Ferrari.

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    It was one of the best light comedy movie i have seen.
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