Skoda Fabia Combi in India

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    Skoda India will soon be getting the Fabia Combi, the longer version of the Skoda Fabia, to India. The new car’s harmonious lines and details are what set it apart. It also offers more space and better comfort than its predecessor. Like other foreign car makers Skoda also has ambitious plans for India. Being in the country for some time now Skoda is planning the lauch of a series of products, one being the new Fabia Combi. Basically the front end of the Fabia is optically expanded by the horizontal lines of the new bumper with a stylish radiator grill, modified visor, and the newly shaped headlamps and fog lamps. These changes mean the Fabia Combi has grown by 8 mm and is now 4,247 mm long. It therefore offers more space and better comfort than its predecessor. The power unit will come in many forms one being a 1.2 litre petrol unit and the other might be a 1.3 litre diesel unit. The car will also be loaded with additional features such as hill hold control and fuel flow interruption system incase of a major accident. Other features included ABS, tyre pressure monitoring and start-up assist.

    Expected price: 10,00,000 INR

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    hehe...i wanna see the skoda combi with a 1.2l petrol tackle a hill road...even in its present form its underpowered(in the fabia)

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