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    Michael Schumacher says he has been disappointed with Mercedes's first half of the Formula 1 season. "Yes I am, absolutely," said Schumacher when asked if he was disappointed with his team's season so far ahead of the German Grand Prix.

    "We all expected something different. Going to Australia we were very excited, having had a good winter test. It didn't work out the way but we hope to our improve game."
    Schumacher and his team have failed to fight for top positions this year, despite high hopes following a strong end to winter testing.

    The German is in 10th place in the standings with 28 points.

    Schumacher says it is impossible for Mercedes to think about winning races right now, but he remains hopeful for the future.

    "I don't think we are yet in a position to talk about winning races," he said."We are on the way, we steadily improve, although the results don't show it.

    "If we see the organization, what are the actions for the future, I am very optimistic. You have to progressively step up and that is what we are doing."

    The seven-time champion is looking forward to enjoying a strong race this weekend at home, hopeful that new updates will help his team move forward.

    "I have lots of good memories from this place and with the recent updates we hope to be able to improve our gain and give something to our fans," the German added.

    "The weather as we pointed out before will be a subject and it will be interesting, but listening to our guys in terms of upgrades and positioning and coming back to the rules as they exist right now, it will be interesting to see what it means. There are lots of things to look forward to."
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    He's handling the pressure of the seven time champ well, i thought by this time he'd be tearing his hair out, good for him, maybe we'll see him on the podium in the near future :)

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