Rs. 10.6-lakh cycle - Propel Advanced SL 0

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    Top bike maker Giant is set to bring the world’s fastest bicycle, Propel Advanced SL 0, to India at a sticker price that will put a Harley Davidson to shame — Rs. 10.6 lakh.

    The Propel has been used in Tour de France — the most arduous cycling event in the world — and tested in Europe to certify it as the fastest in the business.

    “During the Auto Expo, we brought our top of the line Trinity Advanced SL 0 that costs Rs. 10.89 lakh and were surprised when it was picked up a month later,” said Pravin Patil, MD, Giant Starkenn. “That gave us confidence that such expensive bikes will find takers here.”

    This bicycle will be imported from Taiwan in a semi-knocked down condition and assembled by Starkenn Sports, which markets Giant bicycles in India.

    The Propel’s frame is made of carbon fibre, used in making Formula 1 racing cars and the Boeing Dreamliner aircraft. It has electronic gear components
    and 22 gears.

    “The measure how fast a bicycle is how much air it can cut and how aerodynamic it is,” Patil said. “There is no top speed, but it can do 70 kph and more.”

    Giant has stores in Pune and Bengaluru, and will add Delhi and Mumbai this fiscal and Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Chennai by next fiscal. The bicycles are also available online.

    India’s premium bicycles market is estimated at around 250,000 units per annum, with an overall turnover of Rs. 100 crore.

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    Looks good..But it's not designed for Indian conditions.

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