Review:1996 Nissan Skyline R33 Series II GTST

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    Its been a while since I got the car and I would love to give a short review on the car.
    What I like and what I dislike about the car. Its Features and drawbacks and overall rating as well.

    Performance: No doubt the reason for buying the car was performance and I would say this solves the purpose to the satisfaction level. you feel the Adrenaline kicking inside you when your behind the Steering wheel. Turbo kicks in as long as you push the accelerator pedal.Its capable of doing 7000-7500 RPM in each gear without any modifications.
    1st gear takes you to 60KMPH and 2nd gear takes you beyond 100 KMPH Mark and 3rd gear Clocks the meter that is 180KMPH.
    The car is restricted to 180 as in Japan these are strict restrictions.

    Ride quality and comfort: First thing you notice when you say a sports car, you make a clear picture in your mind that its going to be low, roaring sound and stiff. Well if you do sense these your correct.Ride quality is not as bad considering 1996 year. Car is low as compared to normal cars, its a coupe so the people sitting in the back might not have enough space to stretch their legs.
    Seats are not comfortable however you can adjust the driver seat to act as a bucket seat (hugging you).
    suspension is stiff and you can really feel the road change from gravel to any other.

    Handling: Handling of this car is just out of the world. Car acts like a part of your body. you push the accelerator the car responses and when your holding the wheel your actually controlling your organs. turn the steering wheel and bit of acceleration there you got Donuts! Depending on the person .car adjusts itself

    Cosmetics: Stock car comes with normal alloy wheels no body kit but has a stock spoiler. Sports trim doors and sporty rear lights and Skyline badges.

    Lets move on to features/likes and dislikes:

    Car is japanese it have to have some good things in it.
    Stock skyline features:
    -Dual airbags
    -Power windows
    -Power Steering
    -Sports seats
    -ECU that has control over all the sensors in the car
    -High beam and low beam separate reflectors
    -Battery is sitting in the boot.

    Some other features of series II are:
    Rear differential has a sensor on it that is controlled by ECU.When your driving the car over certain speed and take a sharp turn , that sensor will automatically turn the rear wheels to a slight angle to keep you stable on the road in order to have a turn without skidding the tail of the car.

    Only thing I dislike about my car is the Mileage and the fishtails in wet weather.
    Overall I will give it 8 out of 10

    thanks for reading :)

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    nice review!! and fishtails in wet weather is a good thing!!! my car does the same thing but thats cause i would make a fast turn.
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    Good review bud...never easy for a person to review his own...good n honest opinion..!
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    Nice. Review
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    thanks guys , your turn now :p slackers
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