Quick Tips To Write Your Ownership Review (Must Read)

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    Ownership reviews are one of the integral parts of Cartalk India. These reviews are benefiting our community by sharing and gaining the honest and truly unbiased long-term information about a particular car or bike straight from the owners’ themselves ever since our journey was commenced. Therefore, we strongly encourage everyone to share the experiences of their cars and bikes in form of a review. Here are a few pointers which would help you to write a proper and well-formatted ownership experience:

    > Do not be afraid, writing an ownership review does not needs expert writing skills at all.

    > Title the thread relevantly: Heading like “Wow my beauty comes home!!” is NOT acceptable. But “Maruti Swift VDi – My Beauty Comes Home” is perfectly fine.

    > Since it is going to be a “review” please refrain from posting just a line or two for the sake of posting in this section.

    > Yet it doesn’t mean that reviews are expected to be long. Even a short, crisp and to the point writeup with enough essential details will also suffice (Eg: Fiat Punto Review)

    > You are not supposed to create a suspense review / incomplete review or asking members to guess the car. Such threads are subject to an instant removal.

    > Start by penning down the initial process of buying a car. Such as the idea behind buying, cars shortlisted, car bought and why this particular model? etc.

    > Describe the buying experience with dealership and sales person. In case it is comprehensive – You can post it separately in dealership reviews section.

    > Let the members know about the final quote received for the car, including discounts, additional benefits (if any) and on road price etc.

    > Make sure to include a set of points explaining about the likes in dislikes of vehicle from your own point of view.

    > Never be hesitant to highlight about the downsides of your ride. Remember that a clean and unbiased review is only going to help you and the community in future.

    > Among many other general viewpoints – Here is a list of a few of them which you should consider including: First impression, Style and Design, Build Quality, Design of Interiors, Interiors Quality, Comfort Levels, NVH Levels (Noise, Vibration, Harshness), Features, A/C Effectiveness, Space Levels, Audio System, Engine Responsiveness, Acceleration, Turbo Lag (If applicable), Braking, Gearbox, Handling, Manoeuvrability, Fuel Efficiency etc.

    > Keeping your thread up to date timely with the appropriate logs of maintenance work and costs involved can help everyone including you for references in future.

    Please do not forget to include the link(s) in the opening post whenever you submit a major update related to the vehicle elsewhere in your thread.


    - Upload as much pictures as possible. At least 5 to 10 are must (of different angles).

    - Some people usually prefer to blank out the registration number for certain reasons (Blurring number plates).

    - Feel free to report the post to moderators whenever you wish to revise the thread title with an update. (Reporting Posts)

    - Compose your review on word processors such as Microsoft Word to format and prevent inadvertent spell / grammatical errors.

    Wish you good luck!

    Drive Safe,
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