Peugeot to target premium segment

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    Peugeot is working on building up the brand before getting into the volumes game, where the big money lies. It will start operations with the 508, a sedan which will compete with the likes of the Skoda Superb, VW Passat and Honda Accord. The volumes here aren't high, but it is the right mix of premium car and numbers for the company to get enough visibility and establish itself as a premium player. It hopes to establish itself as a volume player with hatchbacks like the 207.

    Peugeot is understandably wary about its re-entry into the Indian marketplace, but the top-down strategy is a sound one, if a little time-consuming. VW and Skoda both found success with it despite not having too much brand awareness initially (the entire word 'Volkswagen' is a badge on the Polo only in India) so there's no reason that it won't work with Puegeot's modern, funky car range.
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    hard in indian market

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