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    One of the questions that everyone asks when they buy a used car that is " How can you tell if the car have been resprayed ? "

    Why this question arises in buyers mind is because when someones buys a car he/she wants it to be a perfect one with no previous accidents however people do hide the accidental details of the car history.

    So they get the car re-sprayed and would sell you the car with no problems at all. There might be nothing wrong with the car.
    But still if you want to know if the car's paint is original or not you can see the following:

    1.Open the bonnet of the car and see if the color of the car matches the engine bay color.

    2. Look for the paint's smoothness and finish.

    3. See if the car's color look dull at some parts and new at other ends in the Sunlight.

    4. Open the doors of the car and see if the window panes have slightly different color.

    5. Any in-consistency in the panels means the car was damaged but looks alright,it can be because it was resprayed without being fixed.

    If there are any other tips to look for please do let us know
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    correct tips to use. good info. thnx.
    u may check out the car dealer's work shop. if it was repaint at the company's workshop then they can give u the detail. no matter in which branch that was fix.
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    You can see the Trim and number of the paint under the bonnet.

    Usually its like
    Trim HH
    Code 03

    In australia you can goto Autobarn and use that code to get touch up paint

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