Oakley Design Tunes Lamborghini Aventador, Calls it LP760-2

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    As a manufacturer, no matter how amazing and high-end you make a car, there will always be someone who wants more. Or, just different….more exclusivity, personality, power, luxury – you name it. That’s what the aftermarket is for.

    The Lamborghini Aventador hasn’t been around too long but Oakley Design is already taking their hand to it. And a pretty light hand at that too, at least cosmetically. Oakley isn’t about being outrageous and over-the-top – Mansory has that a corner on that section of the market.
    Oakley Design’s Lamborghini Aventador is dubbed LP760-2. That designation differs from the standard car’s LP700-4. The standard car’s designation has a nice ring to it, but we digress. The LP760-2, as its name implies, gets increased power, to the tune of 60 ponies, for a result of 760 horsepower and 550 pound feet of torque.

    Instead of being routed through four wheels, the Oakley-tuned Aventador sheds its front drive shaft for rear-wheel drive power. Normally we are fans of rear-wheel drive; with all that power though we think we’d want the stability of all-wheel drive. Removal of the front differential, drive shafts and associated front drivetrain parts reduces curb weight by around 187 pounds.
    Boosts to the engine’s power output come by way of a new titanium exhaust system (which saves a further 66 pounds), bigger airbox and intake and a recalibrated Engine Control Unit (ECU).

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