Nissan Skyline R33/R34 Airbag Reset procedures

Discussion in 'General Maintenance' started by Codename.47, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Skyline R33/Skyline R34

    Nissan skyline R33 has a common problem that when battery is removed the airbag sign on the dash board starts flashing.

    It's easy to get rid of it. You need to reset the airbag using this trick::

    Turn on the car that is ACC ON ( not start the engine) and within next ten seconds you have to press the driver side Interior light button for seven times and then Start the engine .

    Turn off the engine and then restart the car.

    This should fix the airbag ( It fixed my skyline R33 and I am happy )

    I've heard this works on the skyline R34 as well.

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