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    Nissan Murano has been scheduled for India since a long time and it looks like the Japanese car maker will bring in the funky looking crossover mid-2012. It is still unclear as to whether the Murano will ply alongside the existing X-Trail or whether it will be priced differently, but certainly it will be brought in via the CBU route.
    The styling on the Murano is something that breaks away from the boxy mould in its class and offers a fresh new design unseen in this segment. Powered by a massive 3.5-litre motor, the front-wheel drive Murano will also be available in all-wheel drive variant and will offer more options to customers looking for a stylish crossover in the Rs 20 lakh – Rs 25 lakh price bracket.
    2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

    The M-Class has enjoyed its place in the Indian luxury SUV space, but with the all-new BMW X3 breathing down its neck and joined by the relevant new Audi Q5, a new version of Merc's urban SUV will make its debut coming year. Already launched internationally as a 2012 model designated as the W166, the completely redesigned SUV will stay in line with Merc's new design language – look at it like an E-Class in SUV garb.

    Expected: mid-2012 Price: Rs 20 lakh – Rs 25 lakh

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    this cars spacious

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