Nissan JUKE-R Production Announced – Very Limited Units Available for Purchase

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    Originally announced back in October 2011 in Europe, the Nissan Juke-R was created limited to only two units (one in left-hand-drive and one in right-hand-drive) as a road legal concept car and was not for production.

    Today, Nissan has announced that it will build its Juke-R and will make it available to buy in a very limited run.

    The Juke-R is a product of crossing between Nissan GT-R and Nissan Juke. The original Juke-R concept was based on the 2010 model year GT-R. The production Juke-R will feature the drivetrain and chassis of the 2012 model year GT-R . Therefore, it will be more powerful than the original Juke-R concept. It is expected to deliver 545 horsepower and be able to reach 160 mph.

    Nissan will deliver the first three Juke-R to the customers in late summer. The Juke-R is available on build-to-order basis.

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    its a crazy car this, but apparently people who have driven it are bowled over by it
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    yeah ive seen it being tested on youtube too
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    When first time I saw pictures of this car,I was surprised by its design but then I also checked some details about it and find out this funny car as a good deal.Its features matches its name.I have some news about Nissan sunny which I want to share with you.

    Nissan Sunny sedan continues to bring in good sales for the Japanese brand and last month it outpaced the sales of segment rivals Volkswagen Vento, Hyundai Verna and Honda City. The Sunny is expected to start ruling the C-segment of the Indian car market. Last month’s sales of Sunny stand high at 4,151 units. Unlike Nissan Micra, Sunny has been performing decently well since its launch last year and has turned around the fate of Nissan India.

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