Nissan FAST-Software Installation Guide

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    Nissan FAST Software

    To identify the dates and release of your NISSAN CAR you need to have a NISSAN FAST software which will tell you when exactly your car LEFT Nissan Factory.
    All you need is a chassis-VIN number which is located on the plate in engine bay

    How to Install?

    Nissan Fast Installation

    These instructions should hopefully get the Nissan Fast System up and running for you.

    There are a few steps to installing Nissan Fast, I will do my best to explain, sorry if i get you completely lost, but that's what i get paid 2 do

    Step 1 - Program Installation

    1. In Windows Explorer or My Computer locate the file you downloaded and extract the file to a Temp location. For this example i will use:

    2. After the file has been extracted locate this directory

    3. Execute the Setup.EXE file

    4. You will be prompted to choose a destination folder
    I will leave this as the default C:\Nissan

    Select Next

    5. You will then be prompted to Start Installation
    Select Next

    6. It will then install, when the Install completes it will come back a prompt “Installation Complete”
    Select Finish

    Step 2 - Check That The Installation Worked

    1. There will now be a short cut placed some where on the windows task-bar, called Nissan Menu

    2. Select the short cut Nissan Menu
    This will open the Nissan Fast Menu

    Nissan Fast Menu.jpg

    3. Select any of the icons in the menu, it should come up with an Error Message

    FastWin Error.jpg

    4. Select OK

    5. Select Quit

    Step 3 – Copy the Nissan Fast Catalogs

    1. In Windows Explorer or My Computer locate the C:\TEMP\AR directory.

    2. Copy the AR Folder to C:\NISSAN

    Step 4 – Setting The CD ROM Setup

    1. In Windows Explorer or My Computer locate the C:\Nissan directory

    2. Locate the file NFSET.EXE and Execute

    This will bring up the FastSet Nissan Fast for Windows NFSET menu


    3. Select the CD-ROM SETUP TAB

    4. Make sure Drive 1 is highlighted and select Browse, this will open the Browse For Folder window

    5. Locate the C:\Nissan\AR folder and single left mouse click on it

    6. Select OK

    Drive1 should now look like this


    4. Select OK

    Step 5 - Run Nissan Fast

    1. Select the short cut Nissan Menu on the Windows Task Bar

    2. If it asks you to run a file called NFUdate.exe select YES, it will then go through an install procedure before opening the Nissan Fast Menu

    3. Select the Fast System Icon

    This will open the Main Nissan Fast Window

    If you have AR 1 showing then you have the Australian Catalog working, now you can sit back and have a few

    Nissan Fast for Windows.jpg

    *NOTE - Known Issues *

    1. If you run the E-Fast System and get a tdbg6.ocx error - you will need to download this file into the C:\Nissan Directory

    2. If running a 64bit operation system, you will have to run it in XP Compatibility mode for E-Fast to work or you will still get a tdbg6.ocx

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