New xylo wid new command features

Discussion in 'Emerging Technologies' started by singh-a-lion, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Hi evry one. I just watched review of new mahindra xylo 2012. And they added new command features to it.
    This feature actually speaks with u while driving.
    U can give a command by speaking like
    Turn on head lamp
    Turn on front wipper
    Turn on rear wipper
    Plz call rahul,dhillon,dhhawal,etc lol
    Even can adjust the volume of speakers by speaking.
    Like plz increase volume to 34.
    Same way decrease the volume.

    And most amazing thing mahindra did.
    They just increased new xylo variant price by just 15,000 rs

    Thats awesome. Top most e8 modl cost around 10 lac.
    They have changed front grill and headlamps

    I will post full review soon.
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    like new ford range
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    Other types of CVTs work similar to the pulley system, and achieve similar results. The other two popular types of CVTs are called the toroidal CVT and the hydrostatic CVT. The toroidal CVT essentially uses two "cones" or "discs" instead of a pulley system, and no belts are used. One cone is connected to the engine through the crankshaft. This is similar to the drive pulley. The other cone is connected to the drive shaft, which is similar to the driven pulley. Instead of belts, two rollers or discs are used to transfer power from one cone or disc to the other.


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