New Welding Technology on the All-New 2013 Honda Accord

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    Honda has developed a welding technology that can continuously weld the unlike metals, aluminum and steel together. Honda said that it is the first time in the world the technology was used on the sub-frame of the car, which is an important part of the body frame.

    One of the advantages this new technology offers is, it indirectly improves fuel economy by helping reduce body weight by 25% compared to body with all steel subframe.

    The first vehicle that had this new technology applied on is the all-new 2013 Honda Accord, which will be available at the Honda dealers starting on September 19th, 2012.


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    Each pulley is made of two 20 degree cones that face each other. This creates a slope or groove where the belt sits. The cones can be pushed closer together or farther apart via centrifugal force, a hydraulic system or through spring tension.

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    Honda is one of the great auto-mobile companies which makes bikes as well as cars.There are different style and designs of models that can be easily in Honda showrooms.Accord is one of the most successful car of Honda.

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