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    Ford had planted a seed called ‘One Ford’ few years ago, wherein all the new cars will be based on its global platform. For example the Figo sold in India will be the same Figo which will be sold in other countries like South Africa. The fiesta flower of this plant is co-incidentally named Fiesta, which is Ford’s first global car. The new Fiesta is no different from Fiestas sold elsewhere; the same car will be available in other markets like Europe, America, China and other Asian countries.
    -The Indian spec Fiesta is the first to get Ford’s new 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engines.
    - The Fiesta gets segment-first features like Voice Command and Cruise Control.
    - The Fiesta is Ford’s first global model which is based on the B2E platform.
    - The Fiesta is the first Ford in India to come with an electronic power steering.

    good things-- Design and styling cues, Ride quality
    bad things-- Petrol engine, rear seat leg room

    Ford Motor Company has introduced the all new sixth-generation Fiesta, which follows the new Kinetic Design theme. The front end of the Fiesta gets the trapezoidal lower grille and slick headlamps – which are a part of its new design theme. The steep rake and the front moved instrument panel makes it a cab forward design. The rising DLO makes the design look very coupe-like and the glass cheater panel increases the greenhouse area making it look more contemporary. The rear end looks a bit bulky, an indication of the practicality of the car.
    Designers at Ford claim that the interiors were designed to make them feel as intuitive as the keypad on your mobile phone. The three-spoke steering wheel comes with controls for audio and cruise control,which is a first-in-segment feature. Meanwhile the large twin-dial instrument binnacle is easy to read. The centre console gets an in-dash audio system with aux and USB inputs and a number-keypad as well.
    There is a lot of storage space inside the car, where you can fit in a 1-litre bottle of water in the front door pockets and three more slots behind the handbrake. The boot of the Fiesta can swallow up to 430 litres of luggage.
    The overall fit and finish of the plastics is good if not great. But what we are really impressed with is the insulation level inside the cabin. Shut the door and it’s like you just shut out the constant clamour of the world outside. However, the location of the power window switches are too close to the driver’s body making it difficult to access them while the cruise control indicator on the binnacle is barely visible on a bright sunny day.

    The Fiesta is available with the option of 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engine. India is the first market to get these new Ford engines. They have been derived from the Ford’s 1.6-litre petrol and diesel engines. At present both the engines come mated to a five-speed manual transmission but we do expect Ford to introduce its dual clutch PowerShift transmission sometime by the end of this year.
    1.5-litre Petrol engine:
    The new 1.5-litre engine comes with Ti-VCT technology (Ford’s lingo for variable valve timing) and boasts 110bhp and 140Nm of maximum torque. The power delivery is linear but the engine isn’t very responsive to the throttle pedal. It isn’t quick revving and sounds strained, especially at the higher reaches of the rev range. It is evident that Ford has tuned this engine for better fuel efficiency.
    1.5-litre diesel engine:
    The oil burner breathes through eight valves and produces 91bhp and a peak torque of 204Nm. This engine is fairly quiet and the car is easy to drive, even in bumper-to-bumper city traffic. There is some amount of turbo lag below 1800rpm and has good mid-range. The clutch on the diesel variant is a bit on the heavier side, which adds to the driver’s fatigue. Gearshifts however are short, slick and positive – a Ford trademark.

    Ford has tweaked the suspension of the Fiesta, making it a tad softer for Indian road conditions. So the ride on the Fiesta is well composed at low and high speeds and doesn’t feel unsettled when driven on bumpy roads. The Fiesta irons out most of the bumps and jolts.
    This being the first drive, we didn’t get an opportunity to drive it around tight bends, so we can’t say how about the handling of the car. The Fiesta grips well and the high speed stability of the Fiesta is exemplary. The new electric assist system makes the steering light, which is convenient to use in city traffic and whilst parking. The steering is fairly responsive however and it doesn’t weigh up much like a hydraulic does on higher speeds

    The Ford Fiesta gets a few first-in-segment features and is definitely an attractive looking car. Ford hasn’t revealed the prices of the Fiesta but we expect the company to price it between Rs 8 and 11 lakh.If the company prices it right then the Fiesta would be a good overall package to own, especially with all the bells and whistles it comes loaded with.


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    Better diesel engine than the old fiesta which was bit 'under powered'.
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    Fiesta sedan bana ditti ...:sim

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