New Ford Fiesta 2011 vs Maruti Suzuki SX4

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    The SX4 holds its own place in the sedan space, and remains the car of choice for buyers with faith in the Maruti brand. It is a competent product too, with a uniquely muscular design and appeal. The engine options on the SX4 (MSIL SX4 : First Drive) have expanded with the addition of the VGT-DDiS diesel mill too, and the diesel variant makes for a surprisingly practical and driveable car. Compared to the Fiesta, it lacks a solid feel behind the steering and a design that has begun to look somewhat dated. The ride quality is plusher but big body roll into corners makes it a handful while driving fast. The Fiesta on the other will sail through most corners and bumps at pace.

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    may please send full details of new ford fiesta diesel model

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