New BMW 3-Series GT official pictures leaked!

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    [​IMG]2013 BMW 3-Series-GT

    One of the more rare BMW models in India is the 5-series GT which is not as often spotted as the other BMW models. BMW though is keen to expand the model range and so the 3-series now gets the GT treatment. So what is the new 3-series GT all about? As these leaked official shots reveal it certainly looks different from the 3-series sedan but unlike the 5-series GT it actually looks handsome. The 3-series GT is all about practicality and space and offers more rear space/ luggage space than the 3-series sedan. Its more roomy and is more practical than the sedan 3-series and is for people who need more space.
    [​IMG]2013-BMW 3 Series GT rear styling

    In India the 3-series GT would be well accepted when launched because many prefer to be driven. The rear styling as well as the front is changed and looks unique than the traditional sedan shape. The 3-series GT will have the same engines as the sedan. It will be revealed at the Geneva show and we will give you all the details.

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