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    He was just 7 years old when his father expired. He was a barber with a saloon at Brigade Road in Bangalore. His mother worked as maid servant to educate. Destiny brought him to saloon. Now, he is known as the Millionaire Barber who has a 200-car fleet that includes many luxury cars.

    Ramesh babu was not different from any average human who spend his life time trying to be bigger than their immediate society, full of competing relatives and neighbours. The only difference is that he got timely help from two ladies in his life, and he rose above the average man to become a Millionaire Barber.

    First it was his mother, who started working as maid servant after the early death of his father, and whose main goal was to educate him. His father's saloon at Brigade Road was taken care of by his uncle who used to give Rs 5 to them from 1979, when his father died. As it turns out to be Ghar Ghar ki kahani (story of every household), his uncle started acting indifferent. Not wanting to lose his father's saloon, he started working at it. But now he was competing with his uncle to do better than him.

    As his uncle bought a small car, he bought a Maruti van feeling proud that he has a bigger car than his uncle. Luckily, another lady angel helped him. His mother worked as maid servant at Nandani's Akka (elder sister) house. Nandani suggested him to earn money from renting cars instead of having it just parked at his house.

    From then on, his life changed. In 1993 he bought the used Maruti van. Till 2004, he owned 5-6 cars renting them out. Then he bought his first luxury car, as other rental car companies in Bangalore did not own a new luxury car. In 2014 he has 75 luxury cars in his fleet of 200 cars. The luxury cars include a range of Mercedes, BMW’s, Audi’s, five and ten-seater luxury vans and, his ultimate pride, a Rolls Royce.

    His next target is to buy stretch limousines and other such vehicles in 2015. At heart, he is still the same noble-hearted barber.

    Ramesh Babu is an urban icon who had no proper meals to eat in his childhood and now people know him as Millionaire Barber.

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