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    Mitsubishi announced that by the end of next month (April, 27th), it will launch the new MiEV power box feeder which is capable of supplying large amounts of electric power from an electric vehicle.

    The MiEV power BOX is an adapter that plugs into the i-MiEV or MINICAB-MiEV’s quick charging connector and is capable of supplying up to 1500 watts of AC electricity from the power stored in the vehicle’s drive battery. It has been designed mainly to power household electrical appliances either when away from home or in an emergency. When connected to a fully-charged 16.0 kWh battery-equipped model the MiEV power BOX can supply 1500 watts of power for between five and six hours, equivalent to the amount consumed by an average Japanese household in a single day.

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    good news for EV lovers, maybe it can give battery powered vehicles the flexibility that we desire, which is where they lost out when compared to conventional ic powered cars..
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    ic powerred ?

    inme CCD nahi tha charging couple device ?
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    Engine speed is held at a constant RPM as speed increases and the jerk normally associated with changing gears is completely eliminated.
    The transmission is a much simpler design than more traditional automatic or manual designs and---all other things being equal on the car (or other engine-driven component)--is much more efficient.

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