Mercedes-Benz Drops Pricing Information for CLS, SLK350

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    We fall in love with the latest new luxury and performance cars, but sadly the the reality check often hits with the price tag. With Mercedes-Benz in particular that would seem to happen often.
    We have been hearing about the new CLS for quite some time, but the company has been waiting until the last minute to let loose on pricing information. The new CLS marks the first redesign of Mercedes’ pioneering entrant into the sedan segment.
    The first-generation CLS has spawned a multitude of copycats and sparked a new segment of coupe-like four-door sedans. Audi is the first manufacturer to really field a direct competitor, with the A7 Sportback that is going on sale as we speak.
    The segment proved to be a boon for Mercedes, offering the ability to charge much higher prices for a style conscious model based on the E-Class platform. The company aims to mix things with the second-generation car, offering a bolder design to separate it from the copycats.

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