McLaren will launch P1 in UAE

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    [​IMG][​IMG]Photographs of the new McLaren P1, taken at the official shoot at the Bahrain International Circuit, have been released ahead of the car’s debut in the United Arab Emirates. The P1 is currently being taken on a global tour to attract potential buyers. North America, likely to be the biggest market for the car, has already figured on the tour. The Middle East is expected to be another vital market.
    No more than 500 P1s will be built, but the run of the hypercar is yet to sell out.
    McLaren Automotive regional director for the Middle East & Africa, Mark Harrison said: “After a successful launch in Bahrain, we are very excited to be bringing the McLaren P1 to the United Arab Emirates."
    The McLaren P1, set to rival the new Ferrari F150 and Porsche 918 Spyder, is designed to be the best driver's car in the world. F1-inspired engineering is utilised throughout, with the P1 featuring advanced aerodynamics and carbonfibre construction.
    It's estimated that the McLaren P1 will have a power-to-weight ratio of over 600bhp per tonne, indicating a total power output of around 720bhp. The car will ultilise hybrid technology.
    The P1's interior is stripped out and made primarily of carbonfibre. The instrumentation is digital and the car has sat-nav, climate control and a bespoke sound system.
    Programme director at McLaren, Paul Mackenzie, says that despite the P1's performance, it can still be driven in great comfort and refinement.
    The McLaren P1 will make its debut at the Geneva motor show next month.

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