Mazda Takeri Concept Making European Debut

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    Making its global debut at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show in December 2011, the Mazda Takeri Concept will make its European debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

    The newest adaptation of Mazda’s new “KODO – Soul of Motion” design theme, the TAKERI concept brings a new level of strength and allure to sedan styling. The TAKERI offers a taste of the future direction of Mazda’s next-generation CD sedan, having inherited the vision of the Mazda SHINARI, an exciting four-door sports coupe concept showcased last year in Geneva. Under this captivating exterior, the TAKERI features Mazda’s highly-efficient new SKYACTIV-D diesel engine with i-stop idle-stop system and six-speed SKYACTIV-Drive automatic transmission.

    The TAKERI concept, which is a preview of the next-generation Mazda6, is the first car to be equipped with i-ELOOP. Short for “Intelligent Energy Loop”, Mazda’s first regenerative braking system uses a unique solution that converts kinetic energy to electricity during deceleration and stores it in an electric double layer capacitor. The power is used to run the vehicle’s electric components, thereby reducing the engine load and increasing fuel economy by up to 10%. This contributes to the Mazda TAKERI’s outstanding fuel economy, which is achieved at no sacrifice to performance or comfort.

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