Maruti Swift vs Hyundai i20

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    Hyundai i20 is a car of the era, compact yet spacious, technologically advanced yet environment friendly from the pioneer of small car manufacturers Maruti Suzuki, christened as Maruti Swift. But then as Maruti was making inroads into the mindset of compact-car category, Hyundai made no mistake to capitalize on Maruti’s success with launch of Hyundai i10 and now with more advanced and spacious Hyundai i20. If spacious is synonymous with Maruti Swift, Hyundai i20 promises value for money with no compromise on comfort and space.

    In the mini-car segment, both Maruti Swift and Hyundai i20 comes with 5 door hatchback but Hyundai i20 comes with an extended wheelbase measuring 2525mm. This aspect gives greater stability to Hyundai i20 as compared to Maruti Swift with wheelbase of 2390mm. And the size does matters and rightly so Hyundai i20 stands with 3940 mm in length and 1710 in width in comparison to Maruti Swift overall length of 3760mm and overall width of 1690mm. In height you might see our Hyundai i20 a bit shorter to Swift but in its look Hyundai i20 reflects sturdier appeal. With increased overall length and width, I feel that the interior space of Hyundai i20 is always greater thus enhancing comfort with style. When it comes to voting for spaciousness, I felt that spending few extra bucks will help you enjoy a better leg space with roomy interiors in a Hyundai i20 than in Maruti Swift. However, check the performance statistics before you make your choice.

    The greatest innovation in terms of lighter weight is the all aluminum engine and the Hyundai i20 is equipped with modern Kappa engine for optimum fuel efficiency and minimum gas emission. And the Maruti Swift too responds at the slightest touch in the all aluminum 1298cc engine with 16 valves that generates torque of 113Nm@4500rpm. The maximum speed of Maruti Swift is 160km/h and from 0-60 km, Maruti Swift takes just 6 seconds. The gearbox matches perfectly with the power and the torque curves. Whereas, the Hyundai i20 with differential gear ratio clocks 0-60km in 12.9 seconds. Hyundai i20 is good for the Indian roads but I know not how the car will perform in the highway.

    Available in five variants and six shades of metallic hue, price of Maruti Swift ranges from Rs 4 lacs to Rs 5.6 lacs. While Hyundai i20, launched in eight vibrant shades is priced at Rs 4.79 lacs for Magna version, Rs.5.59 lacs for the Asta and Rs.5.82 lacs for Asta (O), New Delhi, ex-showroom.
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    is that correct...0-60kmph 12.9 sec for the i20? i think that must be the ton time..!
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    Exterior Comparison between Hyundai i20 Vs Maruti Swift

    Hyundai i20
    Overall length – 3940mm
    Overall width – 1710mm
    Overall height – 1505mm
    Wheelbase – 2525mm
    Ground clearance -165mm

    Maruti Swift
    Overall length – 3850mm
    Overall width – 1695mm
    Overall height – 1530mm
    Wheelbase – 2430mm
    Ground clearance -170mm
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    Maruti Swift:

    Great looking
    Sporty interior
    Fantastic dynamics
    Great engines esp diesel
    Very good fuel economy
    High re-sale value

    Huge demand/waiting for diesel
    Slightly high price for the diesel
    Small boot
    Quality not class best
    ramped rear space

    Hyundai i20:

    Good looks
    Spacious interiors
    Fantastic equipment list
    Refined engine
    Available as an automatic also

    Light steering
    Lacks handling
    Automatic only with petrol
    Stiff asking price
    Not as exciting as rivals
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    Nice review,thanks for sharing.:)
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    I think you can include more....

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