Maruti Swift VDi VS Hyundai i20

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    I posted this comparisons on tbhp & now sharing it with you guys.

    Hi guys I own both the Hyundai i20 and the Maruti Swift Vdi (ABS), I have never come across any comparisons between the 2 as they are from different segments but they cost almost the same onroad (Mumbai), with the i20 being more dearer by around Rs40k. My i20 is a recent acquisition and have hardly driven about 1.5k kms on the car and find it very interesting to drive. I own the Swift VDi (ABS) for about a year and a half now and have driven around 40K kms in the same. I would like to give you the pro’s and con’s of both the cars to may be help some to decide.


    The design of both the cars is very different. The i20 focuses more on the sophisticated driver and more for corporate parties & family get together’s. But the Swift is a dream of every young heart and is the car you wanna be seen in for your drives to the local Disco or Mall. The i20 is if for you if the children in your building call you uncle and the Swift if you are called ‘bhaiya’

    But lets leave the jokes apart both are smart cars and score perfectly for their target audience. I don’t think I need say more on this as already a lot has been mentioned of these 2 sexy cars.

    Winner – Me I have both


    The 1.2 Kappa!!! The much talked about engine lives up to its name but only just. If you are expecting tyre scorching performance from your car then read no further cause you will be disappointed. What I have noticed is that the engine needs to be revved hard above the 3k rpm mark to give the car a punch in the drive. The sound of the engine even though not too loud is quite sporty. The in gear pickup is also good for 3rd to 4th. The car is a bit sluggish in the 2nd but maybe it will be better after the first service. The gearshift is very smooth and the shift very precise but not lighting fast. I have touched a top speed of around 120kmph but I thought that it could go further but that is after the running in.

    The 1.3 Multijet from Fiat is every bit worth the praise and the awe that people have been showering it with. The only drawback is the turbo lag which needs a bit getting used to, but past 2k on the rpm clock and the traffic next to you is history. The gearshift in Maruti tradition is among their best ever. In the city the car is mostly used upto 3rd gear as the car is not very responsive at low revs. But for diesel economy this is it – there is nothing better. The top speed is quite impressive and I have manged 140+ speeds very easily on a fully loaded (5pax avg 80kgs each & luggage) on my trip to Bangalore from Mumbai last December.

    Winner – Swift VDi


    This is where the battle becomes 1 sided. The i20 just eats into the Swift hands down. Whatever people mention about the Swifts seats but they are still far more cramped than that of the i20. The quality of the interiors and the feel of the space is just something different in the i20. The i20 boasts of a lot of good features like the electronically folding OVRM’s which is a boon in Mumbai traffic (you don’t have to be scared of bikes, auto’s and that big red BEST driver who just love taking that essential part of your car away from you as they have one that doesn’t work at all). The auto a/c in the i20 works to perfection even though the Swift cooling is better but what about the luxury of an auto a/c. I dunno why Maruti is not introducing the ZDi in the Swift there is a market for it I am sure.
    The suspension on the i20 has its pro’s and con’s – the ride quality is just too good to imagine and I have been blown away by the way the car eats up potholes, but if you are a spirited driver then you will not like the cornering as the steering is ultra light and it does not encourage you to press the gas and turn. The Swift on the other hand makes me feel every pothole and I have been facing problems with the tension rods upfront from past 2 services and it keeps getting worn out after every 5k kms. Something I am sure Maruti should look into as it has already costed them quite a lot to replace there in warranty 2 times.

    Winner – The i20

    The Verdict
    The i20 is a gentleman’s car whereas the Swift is for that devil in him. The Swift was perfect for me when I was not earning enough and that fuel bill used to pinch me. But know I feel that I have become the uncle at 30 and have to move on to the i20. I have handed over the keys of my first love(Swift) to my younger brother who swears by the car with his life. The Swift really served me very well and am sure that it will do the same for my brother. I am looking forward to a great innings with my i20 which I am pretty sure again that it will cruise me along the mid life crisis of being called ‘uncle’ from ‘bhaiya’.

    I rate both these cars as great to own and love. But the Swift with its heart will always be the best car to drive and the i20 is turning out to be the safest and most comfortable drive.

    Drive safe and sober
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    What will you prefer then ?
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    Maruti is good but i20 has its own class.
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    Both swift & i20, value for money car when it comes to comfort, mileage, design. my vote is for i20 as it's more stylish and comfortable when it comes to driving.
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    Maruti Swift Desire is far better than Hyundai i20. Below are the my suggesstion to go for Maruti Swift Dzire.

    1.Fuel - Hyundai i20 has Petrol engine and Meruti Swift Desire has Diesel engine. So, according to the raised fule price we should prefer to Diesel Engine.
    2. Mileage - Maruti Swift Desire (18.1- 22.9 kmpl) is far better than Hyundai i20 (13.3- 18.5 kmpl) in mileage.
    3.Engine Displacement(cc) - Maruti Swift Desire (1248cc) is also better than Hyundai i20 (1197cc) in Displacement.

    So, according to the all review my suggesstion is that Go for the Maruti Swift Desire.

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