Maruti plans hybrid car for India

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    Maruti Suzuki Ltd, India's largest car maker is planning to build a small hybrid car with both electric and petrol options for the local market, a report said.

    It joins other Japanese car companies such as Honda and Toyota to explore hybrids. The Maruti experiment is significant because it is looking at a small car and bring down its costs. Toyota has its Prius cars, whereas Honda has its Jazz, but both made for markets such as US, Europe and Japan.

    "Two very senior officers in the company confirmed the development. They said that the project is still at a very nascent stage. Hence they were not able to give a precise timeline. However, they said that the company was seriously gauging the viability of introducing such a vehicle for the Indian markets," Moneycontrol reported. Suzuki Motors, the parent co of Maruti will co-develop the hybrid car.

    Maruti's timing is significant as the reports on its plans for a hybrid car comes ahead of the government's move to offer incentives to companies that focus on green cars. The government has launched National Mission Plan for Electric and Hybrid vehicles and expects to spend spend at least Rs.22,500 crore by 2020 to promote electric and hybrid vehicles. In India, Mahindra and Mahindra plans to launch soon E2O, the electric powered car that can also be powered using solar panels on top of the roof. Tata Motors is already working on the electric version of its Indica and Nano cars. In addition,

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