Mahindra Quanto Vs Premier Rio- Battle Is Almost Won By Quanto

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    Mini SUV segment is becoming another next best space for both the carmakers and car buyers in India. And with the introduction of Mahindra Quanto in the country, a wish to take home a vehicle that could offer SUV’S macho call and same time can proved to be easy in use like hatchbacks has been deepen among car enthusiasts. But when Quanto is appealing customers towards it, another compact SUV Premier Rio is also striving for buyer’s consideration. Though Premier Rio was actually pioneered the Mini- SUV space in year 2009, in the current year, it has been given some upgrades in terms of powertrain and style. So here starts the battle between two compact SUVS, each eyeing for making most of the demands. So read below to get an iota of idea about both theses SUVs and get ready to make a good purchase.
    Mahindra Quanto Vs Premier Rio...............

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