Its all about chicks

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    Okay No offense , Just for the sake of laugh.

    Some real time scenarios.

    A girl asked me for help in choosing a laptop.I asked her what is the purpose of laptop.What are the specs she is after.

    she answered " It should look good " :D
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    Apr 26, 2011
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    you make a good point, in the animal kingdom, the only way you can make out the sex of an animal without any close observation is the fact the a female won't know which to run when pursued.. :D, as is in the case of the human kingdom :p
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  4. Codename.47

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    A girl at work was asking me for help
    she asked " Rahul do you know why my computer , the box makes noise "

    am like box? what box ..

    she said " you know where all the hard drive and dvd is "

    I was like ah okay CPU, she said ya whatever that is


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