“Independent Control Steering Technology” - Nissan

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    Nissan has revealed the world’s first steering technology that allows the steering to be controlled via electric signals and allows independent control of a vehicle’s tire angle and steering inputs.

    A typical steering system controls tire movements by sending out steering inputs to the tires via a mechanical link. Whereas, Nissan’s new steering technology controls the tire movements via electric signals generated from reading the driver’s intentions gathered from steering inputs.

    Communication between road surface and the driver is processed faster and thus it improves driving performance feel.

    Nissan said that this technology will be available on limited Infiniti models within one year.
    Source: Japanese sports car

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    The other option is to have the belt made of metal. In this case, several (as many as nine to 12) thin bands of steel will hold a series of high strength bow tie shaped pieces of metal together. These metal belts do not slip and are much more durable than their rubber counterparts.


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