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    The British aftermarket specialists from Imperium launched today their one-off Bentley Continental GT, which comes with bespoke looks, and a power upgrade. Imperium are not your usual tuners. They say that each one of their creations is a one-off model, made to suit the needs and desires of their respective owners. The Imperium Bentley Continental GT has a new aerodynamics package, which includes new front and rear aprons, carbon fiber side skirts, a discreet boot lid spoiler, and a carbon rear diffuser. The Imperium Continental GT's body parts are manufactured in Britain from ultra light prepreg autoclave carbon fiber.

    Imperium also fitted their new Continental GT with one-off light alloy wheels, and an upgraded
    suspension system. Imperium's Continental GT comes with a re-programmed ECU for increased output and performance, and bigger brakes to keep the extra umpf under control. For the right soundtrack, Imperium fitted their Continental GT with a new exhaust system.

    The interior of the Imperium Bentley Continental GT is decorated using leather, tailor made carbon fiber, a refined wood trim, ultra suede and classic black piano finishes. The car also features a bespoke sports steering wheel.

    Imperium did not disclose the price of their new Bentley Continental GT.
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    its a pointless car this....and expensive
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    and putting more money on this car .. why not just get a GTR for Sports

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