Hyundai Sonata launched in Auto Expo

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    The premium presentation in the form of New Hyundai Sonata along with Hexa Space Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) in concept form is unveiled at Pragati Maidan, by Hyundai Motors where 2012 Delhi Auto Expo is taking place. Both the vehicles are dressed-up very well in their fluidic designed clothes. The concept MPV was called as HND-7 concept till yesterday but now got a name. The family sedan is powered by a 2.4L petrol GDI engine, and no diesel engines that were expected earlier. The price though not revealed by Hyundai, but will be anything around INR 18 Lakh. The concept MPV Hexa Space is projected to be a 7 to 8-seater and if production takes-off it will compete with Maruti Ertiga MPV, while the luxury sedan will contend with Skoda Laura and Volkswagen Jetta in India.

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    please paste some pics of the concerned vehicles..
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    I was gona say some topics being made havt got any pictures.

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