Honda Civic Type R to get Turbocharged

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    Honda's iconic Type R badge will return to the next-generation Civic, if reports out of the UK are to be believed, and this time it will bring a turbocharger with it.

    The report, by Britain's Auto Express magazine, follows the unveiling last month of the all-new Civic Hatch line-up. Honda has, however, yet to offer any word on plans for a new Type R variant.

    According to the report, we can expect the next Civic Type R to debut with a turbocharged 2.0 litre petrol engine, replacing the 148kW naturally-aspirated 2.0 litre engine that drove the previous model.

    2012 honda civic five door hatch overseas 02

    The new engine will reportedly offer a Golf GTI-rivalling 155kW in its standard form, although a more powerful tune could be on the cards for later updates.

    This latest round of speculation is not the first time the idea of turbocharging has been mooted for the traditionally non-turbo Honda range.

    Most recently, it was rumoured that Honda is planning a boosted version of its CR-Z sports car, doing away with its hybrid system in the process.

    While a Type R hero variant could well be on the cards for the new Civic, we suggest you not hold your breath on the turbo talk.

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