Honda Civic EK - Tuned & Stanced

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    o Gloss grey paint,
    o JDM 11:1 H22A motor,
    o Euro R Accord transmission
    o XTD six puck clutch and ten pound flywheel,
    o Password:JDM carbon fiber intake with velocity stack
    o butterfly trick
    o SS fuel line
    o DC sports race header w/VHT high temp black with custom piping to a Top1 titanium downturn muffler
    o Innovative 75A motor mounts
    o OEM A/C delete plug, Fuse box delete plug, engine harness delete plug
    o Refinished OEM bolts
    o Race wire relocation
    o Spoon resevior covers
    o Engine tuned on Crome with a 4300 RPM two step
    o Koyo radiator with slim line pusher fan
    o H22 fuel pump
    o HKS oil catch can
    o Jeggs raidator overflow tank
    o Password:JDM fender washers
    o Custom Gold valve cover with black plug cover


    o Skunk2 coilovers with 12K front springs and 14K rear springs
    o All new OEM suspension bolts
    o Skunk2 and CTR front strut bar
    o Blox LCA’s
    o Blox full adjustable camber kit,front and rear
    o ASR subframe brace with 26mm rear sway bar with adjustable endlinks
    o Blox extended lug studs and lug nuts
    o Wilwood 4 piston Dynalite calipers with two piece 12.19 rotors with street/track pads and SS lines
    o rear disc conversion with Brembo rotors with Hawk HPS pads
    o 1in master cylinder
    o Goodridge Stainless Steel rear brake lines
    o 17×8 Sprint Hart CP-035’s custom painted Gloss Grey
    o Falken Azenis 615K front 215/40/17 and 615 215/40/17 rear


    o Fully gutted including sound deadening removed
    o Custom Carbon Kevlar dash
    o Custom fan/fuel/ignition/start/kill wiring and switches
    o MemoryFab S68 carbon/kevlar bucket
    o Crow five point harness
    o Crow harness pads
    o Crow window net w/ custom mount bars
    o Wink wide angle rally mirror
    o Weld-Rite Sponsored SCCA cage with steering rack mount
    o a and b pillars gussets, roof gussets
    o custom welded in strut tower bar
    o Boss steering wheel
    o Team Function shifter extender,
    o Next Gear Inc weighted shift knob
    o Weapon-R short shift adapter
    o gutted doors
    o removed door glass
    o removed sun roof and bracing
    o door cutouts linned with 3M c-channel trim
    o Custom hidden fuel door release
    o Custom interior wiring harness with mesh wiring wrap
    o Custom Carbon Kevlar dash
    o Custom fan/fuel/ignition/start/kill wiring and switches
    o satin black fuel pump cover, refinished bolts
    o tucked rear cabin harness
    o gloss grey paint


    o 3M Vivid Blue vinyl wrap
    o 96-98 front and rear bumper
    o C-West side skirts vinyl color matched
    o trim black TC Sportline front lip
    o trim black CTR rear lip
    o vinyl color matched side moldings
    o APR front splitter with Top1 splitter brackets
    o Top1 double stack canards
    o Vinyl wrapped J’s Racing hood w/ 4 corner hood pins
    o Street Fab carbon fiber roof
    o CTR style tinted headlights
    o Spoon carbon fiber wing
    o OEM antenna delete
    o OEM rear wiper delete
    o Spoon mirrors
    o pulled and rolled front fenders
    o rolled rear fenders
    o custom carbon kevlar door handle blockoffs
    o Xentec 4300K HID conversion

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  2. Dhhawal

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    now thats what i'm talking about :D
  3. Codename.47

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    yeah it does ring a bell when you hear Honda doesn't it bhai
  4. Dhhawal

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    Apr 26, 2011
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    especially when u own one :D
  5. Codename.47

    Codename.47 Guest

    yeah true.
    just read the mods he did on engine and u can have an idea
  6. Dhhawal

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    Apr 26, 2011
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    i know man..these old honda B series(which is now the new K) and H series were giant killers...DOHC Vtec..with some tweaking and a performance ecu you can easily get 350hp, honda sold their detuned Sohc Vtec(Variable valve lift/timing only on the intake valves) engines in India..we never got the full monty..those engines were designed for economy..and made from honda's mini-me parts bin..this engine in its stock form makes 200hp..imagine with what you could do with performance cams, vitara postons, eagle con rods n such, needless to say..this is the working mans supercar
  7. Codename.47

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    yeah thats makes sense as well cuz not all indians have performance as their first priorty when they buy a car,.
    But now it is improving but I still doubt they will get v tec type r cars in India.. but I guess they should

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