HKS T04R Turbo

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    HKS T04R Turbo

    HKS Full Turbo Upgrade Kits are designed to replace the entire factory turbocharger system with a high-performance turbo that maximizes the horsepower potential of the engine. Included along with a HKS Signature Series or GT Series turbo(s) is a more efficient turbo manifold that has been precisely engineered out of cast-iron or tubular stainless steel.


    HKS T04R - 650-700 PS Output

    -Wheel- 63 Trim - 66.7 Inducer / 84.0 Major
    -Housing- 100 Inlet / 60 Outlet - 0.70 A/R
    -Wheel- 76 Trim - 74.2 Major / 64.7 Exducer
    -Housing- T04 inlet / 65.75 outlet - 0.81, 0.96, 1.15 A/R
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    this is what you call turbo lag!! but once it stats to spool, all hell breaks loose!!
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    this is common turbo they use for Supras

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