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    Just keeping you updated on the i20 feedback. I have already clocked 3000kms on the baby (just 2 weeks old). I managed to do this with a lot of self cleansing and soul searching in 1 day!!!! Yes in 1 day I travelled from Mumbai to Trambakeshwar (180kms) then Shani Signapur (120kms) then Shirdi (85kms) then back to Mumbai (250 kms) (all kms approx). I had to visit these places with my family so the car was fully loaded i.e. 5 people and a couple of bags just in case we needed to stopover overnight at 1 of the places.

    I left Mumbai at 5:30 in the morning. The reason why I am mentioning this that I wanted to let i20 owners and aspiring owners know that they are and are gonna be lucky to get a car with good stock Headlights. The throw and the power was really good for factory fitted bulbs (a problem I faced with my Swift before switching to Xenons). I could manage to get quite a few irritating truck drivers to dim their lights in front of mine a battle won here for the i20.

    The drive which stared with a lot of pride of taking the new car out on its first long drive soon turned a bit sour when I stopped on the way near Matoshree, on JVLR rd to fill gas and to get tyre filled with Nitrogen gas. I was shocked to find out that my tyres including the spare were having a pressure of 45psi as against the company recommended 33psi for a fully loaded car. I had given the car a day earlier for the first service and had complained about tyre noise and hard jumping of the car to the Shreenath Hyundai Workshop at Jogeshwari. I have initiated a complaint against them to check why this has happened will keep you guys posted on the same.

    There was no other complaint from the car therein the suspension is just magical and maybe even better than most bigger cars. It is just silent even the biggest of the craters our roads and the government throws in front of the i20 are eaten with no noise at all. I read reports by people saying the car is not stable at high speeds I tend to differ as I found it very stable and I drove as fast as the car was ready to go.

    I touched a top speed of 140kms but with a lot of straight road eaten up it took its own time to reach that speed but maybe the performance will increase after the second service, something I will keep you posted on. the ingear acceleration was good and the car can match most drivers on the highway. The absence of the punch that the Swift delivers in this area in terms of sheer speed and the feel of speed if missing. The steering of the car is a bit vague I do agree as it tends to be too light at high speeds and it took me about half a day to get used to the steering which after that is quite normal, all The difference is that the response of the car is greater to the movement on the steering wheel, once I figured out the difference ratio then I was very comfortable and even managed to throw the car around the Newly paved Kasara ghat.

    The car was very comfortable for all five adults with good body sizes and for me the driver there was absolutely no fatigue or boredom. The seats have good support though the rear middle seat can be better. The air con was a bit of a concern with it having to work overtime to cool us in the afternoon but I must mention it is very silent in its working. I noticed a flaw (my point of view) that everytime I pressed the auto button on the aircon the recycling of the air used to be switched off and fresh air used to be taken in, that caused a lot of problem with highway driving as odours and dust would creep in time and again.

    The car ground clearance is not a problem but the approach angles of the car are very poor and will touch frequently both front and rear while approaching road deviations or parking slots, etc. I used the windshield washer for the first time, really like the way the water (yes I said water is anybody from Hyundai listening) is sprayed onto the screen and even the wipers clean good.

    The whole journey was with me driving at good revs and constant top speeds as a lot of distance had to be covered in a day. the fuel economy we got was 12.4 kmpl which i think is ok for fully loaded fully revved and fully tested fully new car ;-)

    I would like to end this with saying that we arrived back in Mumbai at 3:30 in the night and we were not tired of the journey but were surely sleepy due to the comfort let out by our car to us. I salute Hyundai for making such a car which is really in a way the perfect mixture of comfort and power at the price which is affordable.

    I recommend this car and dont agree to all the reports of the car being underpowered as I would say they cant drive the wheels of the car that loves to be driven. It sure takes heart to rev the car hard but it does respond well and that to after giving good mileage.

    So i20 owners enjoy and rest buy it and enjoy it.
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    i am assuming you have a petrol variant?
    don't worry about the over inflated tires..as a rule you should get air pressure checked within 3-4kms of starting the car, air pressure deviates significantly with temperature, as you mentioned even the spare was overinflated that points towards a faulty gauge or more probably they were inflated when ambient temperature was much cooler! the recirculator siwtching to fresh air is a feature any climate control system, it was designed for countries cleaner than ours..

    good informative view on the car bud..can't wait to hear the long term ownership experience..keep us posted..!

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