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    Harley Davidson Iron 883 is very new to India and also to most internationally. Harley Davidson added the Iron 883 to their lineup in 2009. The Iron 883 is a black out motorcycle that has to offers more Harley in a small package.

    HD Iron 883 features a black coated engine, rear fender looks chopped, headlamp visor is black, handle bar is low rise drag style and has a solo seat. The saddle of the Harley Davidson 883 is inviting and is comfortable for most of the riders though some may have problem.

    Putting the 883cc engine to life takes a touch to the starter and the engines starts producing note. The 883 engine is an evolved one with draft fuel injection system that makes the engine run flawlessly. The engine has enough power to take the motorcycle to a cruising speed to reach 90kmph, 100kmph or even 130kmph. On a high speed test the Harley Davidson Iron 883 managed to speedup to 173kmph. To make HD run to that speed you’ll have to visit the pump station very often.

    It’s not only about cruising on highways, Iron 883 is easy to in the town as well. HD receives reasonable suspension package but the rider may get a jerk over Indian road deformities. Iron 883 is with no storage space this means you’ll have to carry additionally pocket for gears. The ride is not a daily commute vehicle especially when it comes to India, it’s a ride that makes you look and feel good, and it’s the HD culture. The black colour looks rich and thick and it is there to stay long. Rubber is wrapped around thirteen spoke wheel that goes well with the overall dark look of the motorcycle.


    Iron doesn’t only look goods but is also easy to ride in the town and on open highway. Harley Davidson Iron 883 in India like in other international markets comes with 5 speed gear box and has enough of torque power to spare in every gear. It’s a wet dream for a motorcyclist and handles like a dream on long road, but the pleasure may not last long if the road ahead is wavy. Rider may feel bottom slaps through potholes as the 883 is with limited suspension moment. But again one cant complaint about the ride, open up the throttle and there you go along with your freedom and that’s Harley is all about. Harley Davidson Iron 883 is tagged as an entry level HD motorcycle. The iron 883 is with basic and rugged styling that assures a second look every time you stop on the red.

    Harley Davidson Iron 883 is a ride for real riders, riders who are never afraid to spill oil on their jeans and Harley calls that them the, “raw side of the road”.

    Harley Iron 883 with its black matte finished color will be attracting younger riders, riders under 35. Iron 883 looks similar to the Nightster a 1203 cc motorcycle. Iron has same chassis and similar suspension package, the only difference is that it has smaller motor. Its number plate peeps from side and front rubber forks gives it a retro style and it really looks cool.

    The engine the ride receives and the seat height is similar to that on the Harley Davidson 883 Low. Iron 883 handles well as it’s shorter than its brothers also the Iron 883 is 8 kg lighter than the Low, this should help the ride to quickly make through congested traffic and parking lots.

    Riders with long height may feel the riding position to cramp as the Harley Davidson Iron 883 in India is with tight and tougher design. Some riders may feel the seats under padded making them uncomfortable on long rides. As the Sportster Iron is new in India many of its riders may feel its air cleaner in the way of your thigh. To make the ride cornering friendly HD added the footpegs mid-mount, this make you to slope the ride while cornering but at the same time rider will feel the footpegs are placed on a height.

    When I took the ride into the sun, it was only when I felt the need of black dual pipes instead of chrome once. But still the chrome pipes goes very well with Harley Davidson motorcycles. Like we have chrome on Royal Enfield bikes, we can expect a Harley to be offered without chrome pipes that makes true Harley look. The looks of the ride makes it a unique character. HD Iron 883 is a great success in the international market especially among youths who want to get their hands on entry level cruiser Harley bikes and later on big rigs.


    Harley Davidson Iron 883 price in India settles at Rs 6,50,000, ex showroom New Delhi. The kind of price tag the Iron 883 receives is a lakh rupee more than the Harley Davidson SuperLow.

    The Bottom Line

    Though the Harley Davidson Iron 883 will be an entry level sportster in the HD lineup but when the ride comes to India it’s a costly affair. You may get more bike for that price tag elsewhere but that wouldn’t be making a legendary machine like the Harley does.

    Harley Davidson Iron 883 Specification

    Engine: Air-cooled, Evolution
    Displacement: 883 cc
    Engine Torque: 70 Nm @ 3750 rpm
    Bore x Stroke: 76.2 mm x 96.8 mm
    Compression Ratio: 8.9:1
    Fuel System: Electronic Sequential Port FuelInjection (ESPFI)
    Lubrication System: Dry-sump
    Primary Drive: Chain, 34/57 ratio
    Final Drive – HDI: Belt, 29/68 ratio
    Clutch: Multi-plate, wet
    Transmission: 5-Speed
    Frame: Mild steel; tubular frame; circular sections; cast junctions
    Swingarm: Mild steel; rectangular tube section stamped, Junctions, MIG welded
    Front Forks: 39 mm
    Rear Shocks: Coil-over; preload dual-adjustable
    Brakes, Caliper type: Dual-piston front, single-piston rear
    Tires Front: 100/90-19 57H
    Tires Rear: 150/80B16 71H
    Fuel Capacity: 12.5 L
    Oil Capacity: 2.7 L
    Kerb Weight: 251 kg
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    hehe..this is a cool bike..but because of the price tags..only uncles who are in the region of middle age crisis will buy bikes like these...and that won't exactly be a good picture..!
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    agree with Dhhawal :D

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