Hankook 165/70 R12 for Alto

Discussion in 'Alloy Wheels & Tyres' started by marky35, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Aug 19, 2012
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    Hi everyone. I drive an Alto Vxi 2000 model and recently replaced my ageing tires and rims with new rubber and alloys. My tire guy recommended that I go in for 12 x 5J rims and 165/70 R12 77T Hankook H706 tires. However since I did not fancy the white lettering of the Hankook I asked them to fit the tires with the white lettering inside. I'm quite sure the tires are non directional but I still have some doubts. Is it ok to reverse fit the tires and what is the performance of the Hankook H706 tires?

    I searched online but there are no reviews or comments on these tires.
    Would be much obliged for any inputs. Thanks
  2. Codename.47

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    you should not reverse the tyre directions in any situation
    the threads are there for a purpose.
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    if its not directional, its not much of an issue, how did the wider tyred impact your fuel economy?

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