Guns And Roses: The masterpiece from Modena

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    It's brutally fast and highly beautiful. It's black and red. It's a masterpiece from Modena. And we got an opportunity to drive it in and around its home-town in Italy! 'Stradale' in Italian means road in English," said Andrea, the Italian race driver who would be accompanying me for the rest of the day. I figured out that 'MC' stood for Maserati Corsa and, thus interpreted, the name of the strikingly beautiful Maserati MC Stradale would mean a race car, but one made and set up for the roads. Basically hailing from the GranTurismo family, the MC Stradale stands at the top in the Maserati line-up when it comes to outright performance - a fact that was enough to make me believe that a day behind the wheel of this machine would be nothing short of an exhilarating experience.
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