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    To help car buyers in India, Indian Government will soon make it compulsory for car manufacturers to apply fuel efficiency labels on their products. This practice is already in use in countries like US, Canada, England, France, Germany, Australia, etc.
    It is becoming increasingly difficult for Indian car buyers to select a car as there are way too many options available in each segment today. The rising fuel costs and interest rates are adding to the woes of the buyer.
    The Bureau of Energy Efficiency will soon draft the rules for fuel efficiency labels and instruct car manufacturers accordingly. Initially, it will be up to the manufacturer if they want to apply fuel efficiency labels on their cars or not, but by March 2012, it will be compulsory for every car on Indian road to bear a fuel efficiency label. Indian Government will not allow a car to roll out on Indian roads without its fuel efficiency label.
    Bureau of Energy Efficiency was fighting a long 2 year court battle with cars and trucks manufacturing companies in order to implement the fuel efficiency label. Finally their efforts have paid off and Indians will get better cars in the future.
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    yeah that is helpful

    now the new cars when you buy they have like this

    6.6L/100 KM
    means the car does 100 KM in 6.6 Litres
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    thats a good way to go...but like any corrective measure in india, these things are easily bypassed by corruption...hope that doesn't happen to this idea...!

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